You’ve been redirected to this page as the organisation behind There® simplified its business.

As part of this, the There® brand and website were phased out and we are no longer offering any new Life or Too ill to work policies.

For our There® policyholders, there are no changes to the most important things. Your cover and your premiums are exactly as before.

However, there are some restrictions on changes you can make to the policy and how you can make them.

You are no longer able to increase the cover on your policy, extend the term of the cover or take out a new plan.

If you need to make changes to: your personal details (title, name, address, telephone number and email address), your bank details, decrease the amount of cover or reduce the term of the policy please phone the customer support team on 01892 576000 as you can no longer do this online.

Making a Claim

If you have a claim, please call our team on 01892 773394 and we will talk you through the next steps

Too ill to work cover claims

If you need to make a claim please tell us right away. You shouldn’t wait until the end of the period of 1 or 3 months (whichever you chose) to tell us that you are ill or injured.

The timescales for telling us about your claim are in section 6 of the There-in-One Plan Policy Summary.

If you don’t tell us within 6 months of becoming ill or injured we won’t pay your claim, unless it was your medical condition that prevented you from telling us.

Life cover claims

We’d always recommend that you let your family know that you’re covered with There. Should you die, your legal personal representative(s) should contact us as soon as they can.

Contact our customer support team

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you have between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 01892 576000 or you can email

Policy Documents

For policies purchased after 3 April 2016

For policies purchased on 3 April 2016 or before